Quran, Koran, Islam, prayer, sura, sours, Aya
Quran, Koran, Islam, prayer, sura, sours, Aya

Brown Long Sleeve Top

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You'll look and feel great in this comfortable turtleneck top that will keep you warm on the coldest of days and cool on the hottest. Made of natural fibers, it's a good choice for every season as it feels cool in the summer and warm in winter. Get it in classic black for an elegant look. Designed with a lower waistline, this top will make you look taller by drawing the eyes down. Breathable and durable cotton materials allow for lightweight all-day comfort.

  • Brown Cotton Long Sleeve Turtle Neck.
  • Perfect during the summer/winter underneath a long sleeve stylish cardigan.
  • Perfect as a base for a stylish look. 
  • Perfect length which covers the bottom.
  • Perfect Turtle Neck Length which is high enough to cover your neck but is not too high to feel uncomfortable or ruin your Hijab style.